Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Layout & Hijacking


This is Natalie hijacking Pam's blog because I currently can. Cue evil maniacal laughter.

I'm done with your layout, Pammy... hope you like it! Though really, all I did was make you a header and the rest took care of itself.

B says she's been watching some sort of cartoon (Winks Club? Winx Club? It is a club of some kind. I am sure of it.)  and the three main groups of characters are Fairies, Pixies and Witches. Apparently, your blog name and mine have Fairies and Pixies covered so she's going to think of a witchy name for hers. Message her with suggestions!

Uncle Karl layout for Elephant Fairy blog coming up soon...

You know that behind those stylish black sunglasses lie a pair of laser beam eyes, and he only wears leather biker gloves because he must conceal the scars from the retractable adamantium claws that keep accidentally sprouting when he's trying to sketch a bouclé jacket for his new Spring collection. If that doesn't inspire fear and motivation, I don't know what will. And I may or may not just have watched a Marvel Comic movie adaptation.


Natalie Faye

P.S. Everyone reading this should also add Team Supahero to their blog rolls because Pammy also blogs there and it is frankly awesome.


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  1. This is awesome! You are awesome! I'm glad not everybody has a friend like you because now I feel SUPA special!! <3