Sunday, December 13, 2009

I need some mistletoe in my hallway

Season's Greetings to you!

Lucy has put up a great tree. The lights on the tree are sparkling and colourful. I have Ella Fitzgerald, Doris Day, Frank Sinatra -- all the classics -- playing on the stereo. I've wrapped so many presents this weekend and they're all under the tree! Most of them are for my students.

It's always such a busy time of year. I always seem to be moving house. In the past seven years, there was only ONE year that I didn't move at Christmas-time; that was the year that I spent with Liz in a house for two years, instead of one year, which seems to be my norm. I thought it was normal for uni students to move every year but I've since discovered that no, people think it's a bit weird for you to pack up and move every year. Do you know, though, I would've thought that the amount of junk and crap that I own would be kept to a MINIMUM with all this moving! But no!

Today, I was facing with the "Do I keep this, or do I throw this out?" question for the following items (as an example of my Sunday):

  • Romeo's Heart, an album by John Farnham on cassette tape (which, for the record - GREAT PUN - I absolutely loved and adored; it was the first "album" I owned)
  • Years of cassette tapes of my singing lessons
  • Cassette tapes of albums I now own on CD (so, okay, I went through my cassette tapes today)
  • CDs of software for computery things that I don't even own anymore (eg. installation CD for my first Canoscan scanner, which I got rid of years ago)
  • Old birthday cards
  • Writing compendiums upon writing compendiums upon shiny used but unmarked and therefore usable envelopes upon notepads upon mini notepads... you get my drift...
  • Hundreds of postcards (all blank, waiting to be sent out)
  • Newspaper articles/notices about things that happened to my friends years ago (eg. a wedding announcement about a partnership that has since resulted in divorce; a birth announcement for a partnership that has dissolved completely - I don't think they even speak to each other anymore...)
  • An entire bookshelf of books (I've already done one bookshelf; did this one today; two more to go)

And so on.

Just in case you were wondering, I couldn't find it within myself to throw out Romeo's Heart. I was looking over the tracklist and remembered all these gorgeous songs that I used to know as a child and just... couldn't... bear the thought of the loss. It would be deliciously easy to plug my laptop into my tape deck and record the songs to mp3 but I think I like the vintage cassette tape thing. Until it wears out.

Anyway, so I'm packing up my life to move it to Sydney. Whether or not I will be joining the thousand or so bright-eyed students at the Conservatorium there remains to be seen (apparently, one has to wait until January for a letter in the mail to advise one on whether or not they've been accepted to study interstate commencing the following month). Even if I haven't made it past the hallowed doors of the castle, at least I'll be in the zone. I can try again in 2010. I can try every year until I wear them down and they let me in simply to get rid of me at the end of the three years!

Sydney is such a unique place. I had a lovely time with my Momma there last week. I had the audition, then got a migraine as per usual (I always get one when I'm travelling interstate... so lame) and then we went shopping and saw some sights and went to see Paranormal Activity in a massive cinema on George St in Central Sydney. Mum felt sick with all the handheld camera action so she had to leave the theatre not even halfway through! I stuck it out. I was frightened stiff! I can't believe they got out of bed and explored the house to try and find this menacing thing each time it appeared! Holy crap. I would cowering under the sheets in my bed! (Though apparently that would not have helped.) Maybe I would've packed up and slept in a church. Or at least in a sacred circle of salt. SOMETHING. The only really wacky thing about that movie is the lack of proactive research and help that they got to get rid of the demonic presence. *shakes head*

So yeah, just wanted to update and say that things are happening. I'm spring-cleaning my life. I'm de-cluttering. I'm getting ready to start my life anew in a fantastic new city and I am determined that it will be amazing. Look out, Sydney; I'm nearly there.