Saturday, April 24, 2010

Caleb Shaw

I keep coming across this singer on YouTube - probably because I keep looking up Jason Robert Brown. But anyway, I really, really like his voice! It gives me such hope that there are people out there who are performing so beautifully. And, I mean, I like Josh Groban as much as the next girl enamoured with him, but this guy - Caleb Shaw - sings Josh Groban's songs better than Josh ever could. (I think-- it's something called-- technique? Support? Lowered larynx? A restraining order for vibrato? ... Sorry, that was uncalled for. I love Josh Groban. I do.) Anyway, this guy is great. Check out the demo video and look at his other stuff! Terrific.

Also, this song below is from a show on YouTube you can find called An Evening Of Jason Robert Brown. Brown is a fantastic contemporary American composer of music theatre. That guy does nothing wrong. These theatre students put an evening of his songs on, as I understand it... They're brilliant. (Anyone recognise Miranda?) This was the first time I heard Caleb Shaw.

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