Monday, April 19, 2010

Mozart Requiem

I had this great burning desire to write about several topics and now I can't be bothered stepping up to bat for the topics that I feel most passionate about. One wonders how truly passionate I could possibly be. In any case, I'd like to let you all know (all two of you) that I'm singing the Mozart Requiem next week. Friday 30 April, at Llewellyn Hall, at the School of Music in Canberra (Childers St, off Marcus-Clarke St in Civic). Reasonably easy to find. Presume it starts at around 8pm. Might be able to confirm that for you but possibly too lazy. Now, it should be rather good. Some good soloists (a tenor from Queensland, a lovely mezzo-soprano from Sydney, and a dashing baritone from Albury), a smashing orchestra, a scintillating choir, and other bits and bobs on in the same programme. I will be wearing a fabulous dress also. Suggest you all fly to Canberra and attend AT ONCE. Do you hear me? That's right. Get on a-- oh, that's right, you can't. No planes are allowed to fly at the moment. What a bore. A yawny bore. Do you know, my Mum went to Iceland. She worked in a fish-factory and nearly got killed in a blizzard on her way to work once. Hell's bells. That's TWO strikes against Iceland so far... Yet, I'd still really like to go sometime. Iceland looks so cool (when it's not being flooded with hot lava and ash). So, yes. Point of this entry: come and see the Rambling Soprano sing at Llewellyn Hall next week. Hooroo. x


  1. Hope it is an exciting event for you!! Wish I could come :D
    How come the planes are out of action for you??? Surely not the volcanic ash also!?!?
    xxxxxxxx :D

  2. Our international flights are out of action because we usually fly via London. LOL. Love you, Alex. xxx