Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Fellow Music Lovers,

There are some songs from contemporary American music theatre that just smack me fair in the face and leave me bleeding on the floor, hopelessly in love with them. Usually, they're composed by Jason Robert Brown (I accepted long ago that I will always be a slave to his music), but this time, my fabulous pianistic friend Mikey (and fellow lover of good music) sent me a song on YouTube by a composer I'd never heard of, and I LOVE IT.

The song is called "Quiet", and it's from a show called "Forward", by American composer Jonathan Reid Gealt. The singer in this video is called Natalie Weiss. I find her to be a stunning, capable singer, and am hooked on her utterly convincing characterisation of somebody who has remained quiet for too long.

What makes this song even more fascinating and beautiful to me is the fact that it can be performed by a male singer -- and, in my opinion, be made even more powerful. I am utterly struck by this poignant performance by Tituss Burgess of "Quiet". What a fantastic performer. He is so at ease with his character. I have no hesitation in believing him, and am instantly drawn in, from his first word, to his conversational style of singing. Kudos indeed must go to the composer for the intelligent vocal setting of this compelling one-sided story, but further kudos are absolutely required for this amazing performer...

I hope you've enjoyed these two renditions. What a great song - a great composer - and two great performers. I'm having a deliciously lovely time looking up more about all three of them on YouTube.


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