Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: the year of dreams coming true

Dear Readers,

So I'm not going to bore you with resolutions for the new year, as I sit here chewing on a few Jaffas (from the 1kg bag of Jaffas I bought - and *obviously* needed). I won't talk about how I'm going to lose weight this year, or finally get a real job -- I'm going to write some lists.

Good Things About 2010
Joseph Restubog
Joseph Restubog
Joseph Restubog
Master of Music degree
ANU School of Music
Dido & Aeneas
Embassy performances
Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food
Pippa, Lucinda & Julia and new friends
Cassie Clare's The Mortal Instruments
Atkins diet (total of 21kg lost so far whilst dieting)
The Pervy Council
Miranda, Nurse Jackie, Merlin and Jeeves & Wooster

Bad Things About 2010
Missing my family and friends
Being a poor student again

Great Things Predicted for 2011
Joseph Restubog!
Earning money
Riding a bicycle
Pelee Island
New York City
National anthems

*Possibly not comprehensive lists, but summations.

May the adventures continue. Hope your 2011 brings you lovely things!