Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Beatrice (The Venetian Twins)

Currently having an amazing time with Canberra Repertory Society, performing the role of "Beatrice" in Nick Enright & Terrence Clarke's, The Venetian Twins. Last night was Opening Night, and apart from my mic falling off my cheek during Finaletto (Act 1), all went reasonably well for me! (Seriously. Argh! That hasn't happened any other night! Too much cheap face powder before tape application?) The show runs at Theatre 3, Ellery Cres, Acton, ACT, until 7 July 2012.

It's a very funny show. I have been quizzing all of the patrons on whether or not they find it funny - we're so used to the jokes that we're afraid they're not funny! People are saying some very kind things, though, so that's lovely. So pleased that so many of my work colleagues and volunteers have chosen to come and support me in it! My mum and my aunt are flying up from Melbourne to see it, and possibly my littlest sister and her boyfriend might be coming, too! Yay! I miss home and family. :-) (Twins joke. Sorry. True, though!)

It's been ten years since I did an actual musical ("Chicago", in 2002), and the stage craft that I've learned from Tessa Bremner (director) during this production has been invaluable. For me, it's easy enough to "park and bark" in recital situations or any classical performance, but to bring stagecraft to my role is a different kettle of fish altogether, and I'm so honoured that she chose me for her Beatrice. I'm the first to admit that I have very little experience in saying lines onstage instead of singing them, but I think Tessa and I have come a long way together since rehearsals first started, and I thank her most sincerely for her patience and guidance.

I was able to meet the composer, Terrence Clarke, after last night's show. He was so kind. He kissed my hand and told me that I did a wonderful job. Of course, he wrote the role for Jennifer Macgregor, and I was a wee bit nervous whether he'd think I did the role any justice at all, so it was a relief to hear that he enjoyed it. The role was written impossibly high - I hope he didn't mind that I sang quite a bit of it down the octave!! I'm not a coloratura soprano, so it was much more dramatically effective for me to deliver it a bit lower with some guts as opposed to the shrieky squeakiness that the audience would've otherwise gotten if I attempted to sing G#6s.

Chookas to the cast, band and crew! So much love for you all. =)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cast of "Once, The Musical" - Tony Awards 2012

Wow! I enjoyed this a lot. Stirred my heart! Beautiful scene. Not sure why this doesn't happen every time I go to the pub. Shame. Can't wait to see this onstage some day!

Audra McDonald & Norm Lewis - Tony Awards 2012

Wish I could go and see this production! How beautiful is Audra? And Norm Lewis just shines. Simply magnificent. I feel so privileged to have been present at a concert given by Audra in Philadelphia last year, only three short weeks before she was due to begin Porgy & Bess. Wish I could've hung around to go back to New York City to see it! She's my theatre goddess. =)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

It Does Get Better

This is a great project devised by a group of fabulous women who called themselves, "The L Project". They're raising awareness and funds for the fight against LGBT abuse and bullying, which has led to so many tragic suicides by children as young as thirteen years old. I can't begin to imagine what it feels like to be bullied for one's sexuality. I was bullied a lot as a child, and occasionally called a lesbian by some twats in my classes. I'm not a lesbian, nor am I bisexual or transgendered, but I firmly believe that nobody should have to endure bullying. RIP, all the lovely souls whose lives have been lost in this way.

Friday, February 17, 2012

February BellaBox Review

Hullo, hullo,

I saw on another blog that a girl had reviewed her BellaBox and I thought that was a nifty idea. What is BellaBox, you may well ask? Bleeding genius, I'll tell ye. I pay $15 per month for a bunch of nice gals in Melbourne to send me a delicious little box full of cosmetic/haircare/skincare samples every month. The samples are generally really useful sizes, too, so that you can use each product a few times and really get a feel for it. I have become a total convert over some products that BellaBox has sent me. Orofluido Beauty Elixir for Hair is one of those products. Holy WOW. Incredible. My hair feels so soft! Also, Lancome Visionnaire serum! Can't believe I spent $115 on a product that still requires me to moisturise after using it, but I love it! And Erborian BB Creme au Ginseng, an amazing beauty cream that is a moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation all-in-one. The idea is that your skin feels as soft as a baby's skin after using it, and that's completely true. Ah, I love you, BellaBox.

The February BellaBox (for me - everybody's is different according to the profile you've uploaded to their website) contained:

"Sasy n Savy Citrus Hand Cream"
I thoroughly disapprove of the lack of punctuation and poor spelling in the title of this product. Just because I like hand creams doesn't mean I'm not a fan of proper English! The sample I received was not Citrus, either. It was Rose - but it's wonderful! A silky, smooth handcream, with a truly delicious floral scent. Yummy. I'm a floral girl, through and through. Recommended!

"B by Bloom Collecta Eyeshadow Duo"
Ugh, more atrocious spelling. I've never been much of a Bloom fan. I like the packaging and the design, but the products have never really charmed me. This eyeshadow duo arrived completely smashed to smithereens. The packaging was intact, but. The colour was like a dark silver. Pretty cool, but not something I'd wear very often unless I was performing in an opera. I know some confident redheads can get away with bold silver eyes and hugely dark eyeliner, but I prefer delicate lines and lots of neutral colours. Maybe I'm boring. Anyway, I can't really try the eyeshadow without using it like a Napoleon Perdis shimmery dust with a brush. Maybe I will. Not too fussed. Oh gawd, this review isn't going so well, is it? (PS. I don't mind about the fact that the eyeshadow arrived smashed! My housemate's arrived and hers was fine. Hers was also a better colour, but oh well.)

"Mememe Seventh Heaven Facebase"
This is a primer. Very smooth and creamy formula. LOVED the gorgeous scent of the product. Works fine as a makeup base. Recommended!

"Sparoma Shimmer Wrap with Jasmine"
This is a fantastic product, though almost identical to a product that I got from Avon five or six years ago. You smear it on your skin and your skin becomes glittery and gorgeous. And the SMELL! It was like wearing a flower bed. Beautiful. Recommended!

"Star and Rose Confetti Soap Roses"
An odd little product. It's like a fabric rose that one would wear pinned to one's lapel, only smaller, pointier, and apparently made of soap. I think you're supposed to use it in the bath, but we don't have a bath. Sigh. Smells good. I'm sure it's a good product. Recommended anyway!

"Chocolate Hearts from The Chocolate Box"
Nice little chocolate hearts. Pleasantly smooth chocolate, but never really understood why everybody raves on about The Chocolate Box. Nice enough, but not earth-shattering. Better than Hershey's. On par with Cadbury's... maybe.

And thus endeth my first BellaBox review. I have to say that November has been my favourite BellaBox month so far. Those Orofluido and Visionnaire samples rocked my world.