Friday, June 22, 2012

Beatrice (The Venetian Twins)

Currently having an amazing time with Canberra Repertory Society, performing the role of "Beatrice" in Nick Enright & Terrence Clarke's, The Venetian Twins. Last night was Opening Night, and apart from my mic falling off my cheek during Finaletto (Act 1), all went reasonably well for me! (Seriously. Argh! That hasn't happened any other night! Too much cheap face powder before tape application?) The show runs at Theatre 3, Ellery Cres, Acton, ACT, until 7 July 2012.

It's a very funny show. I have been quizzing all of the patrons on whether or not they find it funny - we're so used to the jokes that we're afraid they're not funny! People are saying some very kind things, though, so that's lovely. So pleased that so many of my work colleagues and volunteers have chosen to come and support me in it! My mum and my aunt are flying up from Melbourne to see it, and possibly my littlest sister and her boyfriend might be coming, too! Yay! I miss home and family. :-) (Twins joke. Sorry. True, though!)

It's been ten years since I did an actual musical ("Chicago", in 2002), and the stage craft that I've learned from Tessa Bremner (director) during this production has been invaluable. For me, it's easy enough to "park and bark" in recital situations or any classical performance, but to bring stagecraft to my role is a different kettle of fish altogether, and I'm so honoured that she chose me for her Beatrice. I'm the first to admit that I have very little experience in saying lines onstage instead of singing them, but I think Tessa and I have come a long way together since rehearsals first started, and I thank her most sincerely for her patience and guidance.

I was able to meet the composer, Terrence Clarke, after last night's show. He was so kind. He kissed my hand and told me that I did a wonderful job. Of course, he wrote the role for Jennifer Macgregor, and I was a wee bit nervous whether he'd think I did the role any justice at all, so it was a relief to hear that he enjoyed it. The role was written impossibly high - I hope he didn't mind that I sang quite a bit of it down the octave!! I'm not a coloratura soprano, so it was much more dramatically effective for me to deliver it a bit lower with some guts as opposed to the shrieky squeakiness that the audience would've otherwise gotten if I attempted to sing G#6s.

Chookas to the cast, band and crew! So much love for you all. =)

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  1. Hurrah Pammy! And you look fantastic :D xx