Thursday, December 24, 2015

MCC Christmas Eve Carol Service

Had the pleasure of singing "The Little Road to Bethlehem" for the Metropolitan Community Church's annual Christmas Eve Carol Service at the Sydney Town Hall tonight.

What a warm, generous and supportive crowd... and the most fabulous venue in the city! So beautiful.

Huge thanks to Jermaine Chau for being my groupie in the crowd and taking me to some fine dining after the show (okay... we went to Macca's) followed by a delicious cocktail at the Marble Bar (Hilton Hotel). Can't think of a nicer way to ring in Christmas or with a better person!

Have not worked out how to make the curls stay up for longer than 20 minutes. Methinks my hair is a bit too long at the moment...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Orange Eisteddfod

Had a lovely time and did well at Orange Regional Eisteddfod this year.

Stayed in a gorgeous full-sized home from AirBnB with Joelene Griffith (coloratura soprano) and Bradley Gilchrist (our pianist).

Came second in the aria prize to that wily Joelene by half a point! She sang so, so beautifully, and did part of the mad scene from Lucia di Lammermoor... crazy! I beat her in plenty of the other sections though. ;-)

Here we are, looking pleased with ourselves.

Joelene Griffith, Pamela Andrews, Rhian Saunders

Rhian Saunders, Bradley Gilchrist, Corinne Parker,
Soonki Park, Joelene Griffith, our adjudicator
myself and another pianist from the eisteddfod
All photography: Joseph Restubog

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Classics in Callan Park ~ an unexpected sing

Got a phone call around 11.30am asking me how soon I could be dressed and organised to replace a fellow soprano in "Classics at Callan Park", a Leichhardt City Council initiative of an audience picnic whilst being serenaded by The Metropolitan Orchestra Ensemble plus singers from Pacific Opera.

Seeing as I was already going to be there assisting as a volunteer, it was easy enough to up-frock and up-do! We replaced the ailing soprano's aria with one that I knew better, "Depuis le jour" by Charpentier, and I also sightread a couple of other numbers with the group ("Flower Duet" from Lakme, and "Nella Fantasia").

Quelle belle vie!

Photography: John Kilkeary